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Eurothane cavitywall board provides high and premium performance thermal insulation. Eurothane GP is a high performance rigid PIR core faced on both sides with a bright, gas tight and multi-layered combination of kraft and metal foil. This PIR foam board is used in Pitched Framed Wall applications, roofing and flooring.

It is lightweight, yet tough and flexible. Walls constructed incorporating Eurothane boards create even warm conditions and include vapour resistant surfaces for reduced risk of condensation. The boards have a high resistance to the passage of moisture vapour.



  • Board size: 1200mm x 450mm
  • Thermal conductivity: 0.022 W/m.K
  • Compressive strength: exceeds 140 kPa at yield
  • Water vapour resistivity: 100 MN.s/g
  • Heat capacity: 1.4 kJ/kgK
  • Finish: Kraft and metal foil




  • Excellent thermal performance 0.022W/mK
  • Suitable for flood risk areas
  • High resistance to the passage of moisture vapour
  • Suitable for flood risk areas
  • Excellent thermal performance of board
  • Available at affordable rates
  • Closed cell, rigid thermal insulation board


Environmental Concerns


Rigid thermal insulation board comprising a CFC/HCFC-free (zero ozone depletion potential).




  • Stupendous product quality manufactured to ISO 9001 Quality Systems.
  • BBA Certification for Recticel.


6no sheets per pack. Each sheet 1.2m x .45m. Price per pack.



Length                       1200mm
Width                         450mm
Thermal Conductivity                0.022 W/mK
Brand                        Recticel
Material Type                          Polyiso

Recticel Eurowall Cavity Insulation Boards - 1.2m x 0.45m (All Sizes)

  • Orders Under £250 = £75 
    Orders £250 - £400 = £50 
    Free Delivery On Orders Over £400 

  • 3-5 days, Standard Delivery

    Delivery will always take place on a weekday (Mon - Fri).

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