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ODE Starflex Loft Insulation


The ODE Starflex Loft Roll 44 is an expertly engineered insulation solution, constructed with glass mineral wool for exceptional thermal and acoustic performance. Its generous thickness adds extra insulation to your building, making it ideal for locations with more demanding weather conditions.

Designed for both pitched roof applications (between the rafters) and flat roofing applications (between the joists), this insulation roll fits easily into various spaces. The roll's 1200mm in width and choice of 3 lengths offer an ample coverage area per pack.

The ODE Starflex Loft Roll 44 exhibits outstanding thermal conductivity of 0.044W/mK, maximising insulation and energy efficiency. An A1 fire classification rating further attests to its safety characteristics, indicating its non-combustible nature.

Beyond thermal insulation, the ODE Loft Roll provides excellent acoustic performance, helping to reduce noise pollution and create a more comfortable environment.

Despite its substantial insulation properties, the Loft Roll remains lightweight and is straightforward to install. As an unfaced insulation product, it further promotes sustainability and ease of installation.





Fire RatingA1 (EN 13501-1)
Material TypeFibreglass
Max Service Temperature250C
Thermal Conductivity0.044W/mK

Acoustic Loft Insulation

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