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An ideal, economical, underlay for all modern floor finishes.

  • Sets hard within 2-3.5 hours depending on temperature.
  • Coverings may be laid 6-8 hours after application.
  • Pre-blended requiring only the addition of water.
  • Economical.
  • Can be trowelled to a feather edge.
  • CE Approved: Conforms to EN13813 CT-C16-F4.



Pour the mix onto the subfloor within 20 minutes of mixing to a maximum thickness of 6mm(You can layer up to 3 times or 20 mm). Use a flooring trowel or float to promote a smooth surface, feathering the edge as required. This product can be built up to 10 - 12mm in thin layers, ensuring that the previous layer has fully hardened / cured. Allow adequate ventilation during curing.

Levelmaster Standard Self levelling compound 20 Kg

£11.00 Regular Price
£9.75Sale Price
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