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Kandla Grey Sawn and Honed is a bluish grey stone with blue lines crossing the smooth slabs. When paved, this grey sandstone has a modern and ultra-luxurious appearance and therefore is extremely demanded all over the world. The main property of this stone is its versatility and toughness in nature. As a result, it is the most sought-after material for flooring and paving.


Edges: Sawn / Machine Cut / Rectified

Pack Style: Sawn / Smooth

Thickness: 20mm Calibrated

Material: Sandstone 

Weight: Nominal 1000 kgs

Tolerance (Size & Thickness): +/- 2mm

Pack Type

Slab Size (MM)Total Pieces
Total Pack Coverage18.75 sqm


Pack Coverage: Based on 10mm joints.


Variation: Natural product is subject to some variation in colour which cannot be pre-determined.

Kandla Grey Indian Sandstone Paving Slabs - Sawn & Honed - 600x600 -20mm-Smooth

1 Square meter
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