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Kandla grey porcelain is a bluish grey stone with blue lines crossing the tiles/slabs. When paved, this grey porcelain has a modern and ultra-luxurious appearance and therefore is extremely demanded all over the world. Kandla Grey porcelain out numbers any porcelain in likeness with its beautiful figure. The main property of porcelain is its versatility and toughness in nature. As a result, it is the most sought-after grey porcelain material for flooring and paving.


900x600 ~ 40 Pieces
22 SQM / 40 Slabs


Edges: Sawn / Machine Cut

Pack Style: R11 Vitrified

Thickness: 20MM

Material: Porcelain

Weight: Nominal 1000 kgs

Tolerance (Size & Thickness): +/- 2mm

Pack Type

Total Pack Coverage22 sqm


Pack Coverage: Based on 10 mm joints.



Variation:  Porcelain is subject to some variation in colour which cannot be pre-determined due to batch differences.

Kandla Grey Outdoor Porcelain Paving Tiles - 900x600 - 22sqm - 20mm

1 Square meter
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