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Introducing Gyproc ProMix Lite Joint Cement 17L - your go-to solution for seamless jointing projects! This ready-mixed lightweight marvel is designed to make your work not only easier but also exceptionally smooth. Compatible with most airless spraying materials, it ensures a hassle-free application process. Its air-drying formula guarantees a convenient finishing touch, boasting superior workability and a sanding experience like no other similar product. Whether you're using it in tandem with Gyproc Joint Filler or alongside mechanical jointing tools, this product steps up to the plate. Plus, rest easy knowing it conforms to EN 13963 standards. Say goodbye to the frustrations of conventional jointing materials and embrace a new level of efficiency with Gyproc ProMix Lite Joint Cement 17L, available now at!

Key Features

  • Ready-mixed lightweight jointing product
  • Compatible with the majority of airless spraying materials
  • Air-drying formula for easy application and finishing
  • Exceptional workability and smoother sanding compared to similar products
  • Perfect for use in finishing stages over Gyproc Joint Filler or with mechanical jointing tools
  • Conforms to EN 13963 standards for quality assurance.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gyproc ProMix Lite Joint Cement 17L? Gyproc ProMix Lite Joint Cement 17L is a ready-mixed lightweight jointing product designed for seamless finishing in construction and renovation projects.

Is this product compatible with airless spraying equipment? Yes, Gyproc ProMix Lite Joint Cement 17L is compatible with the majority of airless spraying materials, making application a breeze.

How does this joint cement differ from other similar products? This product stands out due to its exceptional workability and the ease of sanding it provides compared to similar jointing compounds.

Can it be used with mechanical jointing tools? Absolutely, Gyproc ProMix Lite Joint Cement 17L is suitable for all stages of jointing, including use with mechanical tools.

Is it an air-drying product? Yes, this joint cement is air-drying, which means it dries naturally without the need for special equipment.

Can it be used in combination with Gyproc Joint Filler? Yes, Gyproc ProMix Lite Joint Cement 17L is perfect for the finishing stage over Gyproc Joint Filler.

What is the recommended application process for this joint cement? For best results, follow the manufacturer's recommended application guidelines provided on the product packaging.

How much coverage can I expect from a 17L container? Coverage can vary depending on the application and surface, but one container typically covers a substantial area.

Gyproc ProMix Lite Joint Cement BRITISH GYPSUM 17L

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