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Moistureshield is a gypsum board manufactured specially for use in areas of high humidity and exposure to moisture. It is high performance plasterboard. The core formulation is impregnated with silicone, while the treated paper liners ensure the board's resistance to the ingress of moisture. The installation procedure of Gypsum Moistureshield is almost the same as for standard board, but it needs careful attention in some details, such as frame spacing, waterproofing treatments at junctions, etc.

Moistureshield are manufactured from high quality gypsum, with a purity of not less than 95%. This makes the plasterboards light, strong and easy to cut. Special additives provide the different boards with excellent specific characteristics.


Technical Specs



brandBritish Gypsum
thermal-conductivity0.19 W/mK


  • This high-quality plasterboard has been designed for use in areas where there is more than the usual level of humidity.
  • Moisture resistant qualities
  • For use in internal areas of high humidity, such as kitchens and bathrooms
  • Not adversely affected by moisture unlike standard plasterboard.
  • The paper surface liner is treated to inhibit mould growth.
  • The special core formulation results in very low moisture absorption rate.
  • High resistance to deformation



  • Gypsum Moistureshield 12.5mm x 1200 x 2400
  • Moisture shield gypsum board
  • The paper surface liner is treated to inhibit mould growth
  • High resistance to deformation



High quality paper liners provide an excellent backing for plaster or for direct decoration. Stringent quality control procedures apply to the manufacturing process, in full compliance with ISO 9002 and BS1230: Part 1: 1985.

Gyproc Moistureshield 12.5mm x 1200 x 2400 TE

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