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Easyboard® from Euroform is an A1 non-combustible exterior grade fibre cement board with mesh reinforcing facings. It is one the first boards of its kind to combine the benefits of Ordinary Portland Cement into a light weight ‘score & snap’ building board that is quick to install when compared to traditional OPC boards.


Features & Benefits:


  • For tile backing in areas of high moisture eg kitchens & bathrooms.
  • Easyboard® can be readily fixed with self-wing drilling screws and simply installed using a traditional utility knife.
  • Easyboard® makes an ideal exterior sheathing board to SFS walling and may also be used for tile backing in areas of high moisture e.g. kitchens & bathrooms
  • Easyboard® is inorganic making it very dimensionally stable when compared with traditional wood based boards
  • Easyboard® is UKCA marked according to BS EN 12467:2012+A2:2018 “Fibre-cement flat sheets”
  • Easyboard® is manufactured with a unique process combining Ordinary Portland Cement, and a reinforcing matrix that enhances the workability and handling properties over traditional fibre cement boards
  • It is manufactured in 12.5mm thickness and has a taper on the two long edges of the outer face
  • BDA Agrément (BAW-22-260-P-A-UK)


Technical Specs



Durability & StrengthCategory B, Class 1 - (BS EN 12467)
Fire RatingA1 (Non-combustible) - (BS EN 13501-1)
Thermal conductivity (K-value)0.22 W/mK

Easyboard Tile Backer Board 1200mm x 800mm x 12.5mm

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