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A grey, cement based, flexible ceramic floor and wall tile adhesive with built in admix.


A grey, thin-bed, ceramic tile adhesive, with excellent non-slip characteristics. Has a regular setting speed and forms a strong bond to fully vitrified tiles and is ideal for tile-on-tile work. Its flexibility allows it to be used on backgrounds subject to limited movement, flexing or vibration and underfloor heating systems. CTA Flexible is completely waterproof, frost-resistant and is suitable for interior and exterior use, particularly swimming pools, showers, saunas. and bathrooms. This product is ideal for use on porcelain and large format tiles.

Conforms to EN 12004 Type C2 T E S2.



Offers properties such as; high grab, non-slip and flexibility making it suitable for use in areas subject to limited movement and vibration, internally and externally. Suitable for use with all types of ceramic floor and wall tiles, mosaics, porcelain, natural stone, marble and travertine tiles onto substrates including; underfloor heating, tile on tile and properly prepared sheeted timber. This product is particularly ideal for use with porcelain but if using light coloured tiles (ones which may be subject to staining) or porous natural stone tiles use CTA FLEXIBLE WHITE as it will prevent trowel marks grinning through. It is water resistant making it suitable for use in bathrooms, saunas and swimming pools.

CTA Standard Set Flexible Tile Adhesive (Grey), 20 Kg

£13.50 Regular Price
£12.95Sale Price
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