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CLS C16 Kiln Dried and Better Timber PEFC - 50 x 75 x 2400mm (Finished Size 38 X 63mm)


Kiln dried Canadian lumber standard (CLS) C16 timber. Kiln drying timber delivers a uniform product with consistent moisture levels. Once inside the kiln, temperature, humidity, and airflow are carefully controlled to quickly reduce the moisture content of the timber to its optimum level on a species-by-species basis, avoiding moisture-related problems like warping and buckling.


  • Planed with rounded corners for easy handling
  • Stress Graded to C16 specification for structural applications
  • Kiln dried for extra stability
  • Suitable for: Framing, General Construction, Partition Walling, Carcassing, Stud Walling, Timber Frames
  • Responsibly sourced
  • PEFC Certified


What is CLS Timber? 

First thing’s first, what is CLS timber? CLS timber is created from woods such as kiln-dried fir, pine or spruce. During the manufacturing process, it is planed, treated and shaped with four smoothed surfaced sides and distinctive rounded (or radiused) edges.


What Does CLS Timber Stand For? 

CLS stands for ‘Canadian Lumber Standard’, as it was originally manufactured in Canada and used for building sturdy timber-framed houses there before it became a popular option in the UK, too.


The benefits of CLS Timber 

When it comes to CLS timber, there are several key benefits to consider. One of its main advantages is its exceptional strength and the fact it has superior durability over other types of wood timber, thus making it ideal for construction and internal structural work.


Due to its rounded edges, CLS timber is also particularly easy to transport and safe to handle. As CLS timber has a lack of large knots on its edges, it’s also better able to reduce the spread of potential fire outbreaks.


Another benefit to consider is the fact that CLS timber is available in a variety of widths and lengths to choose from, making it a great option for not only minimising time spent on cutting it to size but for reducing the cost from timber wastage.


Features and benefits:

  • CLS C16 Kiln Dried and Better Timber - 50 x 75 x 2400mm
  • (Finished Size 38 X 63mm)
  • Strength class: C16
  • Suitable for: Framing, General construction, Partition walling, Carcassing, Stud walling, Timber frames
  • Certification: PEFC



Thickness (metric)38 mm
Width (metric)63 mm
CertificationPEFC® Certified
FinishCanadian Lumber Standard (CLS)
Strength classC16
Surface treatmentUntreated

CLS C16 Kiln Dried and Better Timber PEFC - 50 x 75 x 2400mm

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