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12.5mm S/E, T/E Plasterboard (2400mm x 1200mm) is a strong, durable gypsum-based plasterboard solution suitable for direct decoration and installation in partitions and ceilings.

Please add as note whichever edges you require.


Key Features

Use in internal partitioning systems

Apply plaster finish or decorate directly

Ivory paper face


Technical Specification


Material Type:GypsumThickness:12.5mmWidth:1200mmLength:2400mmSales Unit:SheetSales Unit Coverage:2.88m2Brand:Knauf DrywallManufacturer's Reference:243647Weight:8.3kg/m2Thermal Conductivity:0.19W/mKEdge:Square/ Tapered Colour:Ivory


Get the job done with 12.5mm Knauf Wallboard Tapered Edge Plasterboard. This gypsum-based 12.5 mm plasterboard is suitable for drylining internal surfaces and comprises an ivory paper face, ideal for taping and jointing and a clean tapered edge which promises professional results every time. At 12.5mm thick (the most popular thickness in the Knauf Wallboard Plasterboard range), 12.5mm Knauf Wallboard Plasterboard can be decorated immediately upon installation; with either a thistle plaster finish or if you're eager to get on, direct decoration with a splash of paint.

2400mm x 1200mm x 12.5mm Knauf Wallboard Plasterboard is both easy to handle and install. Plus, it complies fully with BS EN520, so you can be sure it meets all the necessary safety standards - performance and protection in one standard plasterboard material.


12.5mm Knauf Wallboard Plasterboard 2400mm x 1200mm Applications


Otherwise known as wallboard or gypsum plasterboard, the boards can be easily fixed to timber and metal partitions with mechanical fixings and to brick/masonry constructions with drywall adhesive. Purposed for use as a cladding component in a variety of partitions and lining systems where basic fire, structural and acoustic levels are required, 12.5mm Knauf Wallboard Plasterboard can be installed in either single or in multi-layers to increase acoustic and fire performance.





12.5mm Knauf Wallboard Plasterboard Tapered Edge 2400mm x 1200mm Specifications

Comprising a robust core of the highest-quality gypsum, 12.5mm Knauf Plasterboard Wallboard is faced by two paper liners, the ivory face of which is suitable for taping and jointing. This is just one of 12.5mm Square Edge plasterboard's many benefits. They're also easy to handle and install. At 12.5mm thick, these boards are the range's most popular thickness.Let's check the specs:

Plasterboard is easy to score and snap for quick and snappy installation

Can be fixed using screws or by dot and dabbing with plasterboard adhesive - for best performance, use in conjunction with Knauf jointing compounds, metal systems and finishes

Standard gypsum board for general application where normal fire, structural and acoustic levels are required

Cost-effective choice for reducing noise transmission, particularly airborne sounds such as speech

Suited for partitions, linings and ceilings - versatile application range

Ideal for a plaster finish or for direct decoration including painting

Thermal Conductivity: 0.19 W/mK


12.5mm Knauf Wallboard Plasterboard Tapered Edge Certifications

Knauf Plasterboards comply fully with BS EN520. To see Knauf's full range of standard and performance boards (fire-resistant plasterboard) and building materials, click here.In terms of 12.5mm Knauf Wallboard Plasterboard's other certifications:

Manufactured in accordance with ISO 14001

Manufactured to EN 520

In full compliance with ISO 9002 and BS1230: Part 1: 1985

Fire Rating (Reaction to Fire): A2


Knauf Wallboard Tapered Edge - The Benefits

There are a few key reasons why tapered edge plasterboard is generally considered to be a better option than square edge plasterboard.

Much easier to create smooth, professional-looking finishes when jointing and skimming

Help to prevent cracks from forming in the plasterboard, which can be a common issue with square edge plasterboard

Generally much easier to work with overall, meaning that you are less likely to make mistakes when installing it


12.5mm Knauf Wallboard Plasterboard Storage & Handling

The boards must be stored flat, and be protected from inclement weather.If you need to store 12.5mm Knauf Wallboard Plasterboards for a while before installation, you should choose a cool, dry space.Our rule of thumb when it comes to storage is that the boards should not be stored on the ground. Instead, pop them on a level surface and under a protective cover, just for good measure.

12.5mm Knauf Wallboard Plasterboard Cutting

Cutting plasterboard need not be difficult. We suggest using a sharp knife or saw, and a straight edge to guide your cuts.When you're ready to start cutting, simply score the plasterboard with your knife or saw. Then, using a straight edge, snap the plasterboard along the scored line. You can then cut it to size as needed.

12.5mm standard T/E, S/E Plasterboard 2400mm x 1200mm

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